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Monday, 08 April 2013 18:37

5th Cuban Convention on Earth Sciences




From April 1st to 5th, 2013

Havana International Conference Center

The 6th Cuban Convention will be held on next May, 2015


Earth is a challenge to understand

Our planet is considered as a quite dynamic one boasting about a great deal of parts which interact each other, therefore earth is a challenge to understand. It was the predominant topic of discussion at the former 5th Cuban Convention on Earth Sciences where around 700 delegates from over 30 countries attended. The call of this Convention favored delegates to be updated on topics as minerals, gaseous substances, oilfields, as well as crucial roles about hundred of already analyzed researches for the good of the forthcoming economies.

The 10th Cuban Congress on Geology, the 7th Cuban Congress on Geophysics, the 5th Cuban Congress on Mining and the 4th Cuban Congress on Oil and Gas, as well as the 11th Cuban Congress on Informatics and Geosciences were included in ¨GEOSCIENCES 2013¨. Plenty of modalities of presentation were simultaneously in session as oral presentations, round tables, workshops and so forth. There was also a congress-related exhibition in which new technologies, products and services closed linked with the topic were held.

Manuel Marrero Faz, Senior Consultant of the Cuban Minister of Energy and Mines, stated at a master lecture that unconventional gas would transform the energy geopolicy. This gas pollutes 35% less than oil and 45% less than coal. It is not so harmful to the environment. The countries, that launch nowadays greenhouse effect gases to the atmosphere, will benefit from the use of this gas. - he explained.

At the Convention, delegates had the exceptional opportunity to exchange and share experiences with personalities as Antonio García Casco, Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology Department of the University of Granada, Spain, who gave a master lecture on Jade road or multicolored mineral stones. There was also the presence of Nadine Ellouz Zimmermann, Head of Geosciences of French Institute for Renewable Energy, with her master lecture ¨Characterization of failure activities by multitools from its oceanographic approach. The case of Haiti.¨

There was a warm welcome for delegates of this event at ¨Lázaro Peña¨ Theater in Havana, along with Habana Compas Dance Company. The fraternity lunch, which was provided by ¨El Bucán¨ Restaurant at the Havana International Conference Center, constituted as the official closing ceremony of the event and also as an invitation for coming edition. 


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