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Registration fees depend on the category of participation. The most common categories are Delegate and Accompanying person. Each of them gives participants specific rights. Other types of events include special fees for Speakers. In the case of international venues, it’s common to find specific categories too. For those events whose special requirements do not allow including the registration fee in lodging packages, we can only offer participants the Hotel & Transfer package.


Categories such as Guess and Exhibitors do not pay the registration fee, only the Hotel & Transfer package.


Sometimes there are special registration fees for Undergrauate Students. In these cases, the payment must be made in Cuba and students must submit a document issued by their educational center in order to certify their condition. You can find the Hotel & Transfer package for such cases on our website.



For further information, you may contact the sales specialist of the event (Contacts). You may send your questions regarding registration fees, presentations, online payment or any other service not mentioned in the information available on the website.





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